The Columbus NM Airparks
The three Columbus Airparks are located two miles north of the historic town of Columbus New Mexico, 75 miles west of El Paso, Texas.  Located on the 300 deg. radial, 5 mi. from CUS, NM78 and NM09 are FAA registered as private.  Elevation is 4200 ft.  Co-ordinates are 31.870325 -107.645777
(31* 52' 13" N 107* 38' 44" W).

Flyable weather prevails almost continuously with average day/night temperatures of 55-35 in Winter and 95-65 in Summer.  Visibility is typically 75 mi. and the Florida (flow ree da) mountain range 15 miles north (8500 ft.) is visible at times from 130 miles or more.

There are three separate subdivisions, each with it's own runway and building limitations.  All three are contiguously located in the shadow of the Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) mountain range and together occupy a total of one section of land.

Lots from the original subdivision that have never been sold are available from a trust through a local realtor.  Lots with and without improvements are available from their current owners or through local realtors.

While the local economy is sluggish due to lack of industry and local work,  this proves advantageous to the retiree in the form of lower real estate cost and taxes. 

If you have been shocked by the typical airpark sticker price, don't like oppressive covenant restrictions and have dreamed of living with your plane, you can do it here!

This web site is operated on a non-profit basis to further the airpark lifestyle.  I have no financial interest in the sale of any property not owned by me.  I will do what I can to help others live their dream too.

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^ Click for aerial view of the airparks and the Tres Hermanas.